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Nelson Mandela

” Together We Stand Divided We Fall, Together For One and One For All ”

T.O.N.Y Presents: The Other Side Of The Mirror

 “It is said that no one truly knows a Nation until one has been inside it’s Jails.”

“Each one teach one”

“A Nation should not be Judged by how it treats its Highest Citizens, but it’s Lowest”


 Welcome to our humble website, we want to thank you for checking us out.

We are a website dedicated to building a platform, as well as a relationship with the 2.4 million men and women who are incarcerated and the families, friends and communities that are unaware of the politics, abuse and suffering of their loved ones who are caught up in the “Belly Of The Beast” due to the dirty politics of mass incarceration.

 This site is composed of some of the brightest minds of the incarceration nation, and we come from every ethnicity, culture and creed. We are a “clan of warriors” from eery facet of humanity that have united together, despite being forced to live in a hostile environment that is designed to separate and segregate us from any form of unification.

 We have plenty to say about all of the crazy madness, from politics to racism, we are informed men and women and we would like to add our voice tos and views in support of those who are in society, trying to fix the broken-ness in the world.

Know that we are not a group of men and women that “bite our tongues,” meaning, we speak our truths in the raw with no cut. We say it like we mean it. We aren’t concerned with political correctness, we speak how we feel, and alot of our material and videos are peppered with profanity, because the issues, topics and subjects we expound upon are profane. SO our use of profnaity seems appropriate when passionately expressing our views.

Everyone can’t handle the truth, but we speak as we see it. Real Talk.


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