The Nature Of The Crime

-Please hear our words, our facts and then check for yourself.
-We need to come together to support the NYS Parole Reform Campaign

Nature of the Crime final copy

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-“The parole board has been hitting large numbers of men and women with 2 years more of prison every time they appear at a parole hearing. This can go on for decades. Hundreds, maybe thousands of people have been hit several times by the Parole Board. In many cases the parole applicants have been hit so many times, that the 2-year hits add up to more years than their original sentence. If you think about it, the parole board is giving the offender more time than the Judge, Jury and D.A. did!”

-“There are many people with violent felony convictions who have gone home and become pillars of their communities.”

-“We (I work inside of prison) “Make our Mess our Message”; and our stories and experience, can be used to save the hundreds of thousands or more people who are currently walking down the same destructive paths we’ve traveled on. (Matt 7:13-14)”

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